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    Service is a culture. It is not simply a rule or process within CATE Power. This concept has been integrated into our enterprise culture and aligned with the thought and behavior of our staff. The service we offer is professional, client and product-oriented.

    What CATE will offer you:
    focus areas
  • Research and development: No matter what kind of battery (appearance, dimension, capacity, specific logo, etc.), CATE will always advise the optimal solution after a serious study and understanding of the client’s requirements.
  • Training and technical support: It is our intention to offer professional training and technical services such as consultation, installation and use of the battery before and after the order.
  • Information sharing: Once you have established a relationship with CATE Power, we will prepare and offer on a regular basis complete report and support including scheduling of our projects, battery R&D, manufacturing plan & status and test results.
  • Complete related service: CATE Power will help you choose or supply the battery shelf, connector, cable, test equipment and other related products if necessary.
  • Efficient business service: With the help of our experienced staff, CATE Power has a long experience in the battery industry as well as shipping experience, exhibition, tenders and other businesses.
  • Follow-up Service
    focus areas
  • Samples delivery: If our customers are very interested in CATE batteries and want to evaluate before order, CATE Power will post some samples to the customers for evaluation (under certain conditions).
  • Delivery: When our customers place an order, CATE Power will handle the delivery process as quickly as possible depending on the customer request.
  • Shipping information: CATE Power will always update you about the shipping information, including the shipping policy, the shipping cost, the shipment status, etc.
  • Learning program: CATE provides a range of training courses to the technicians, including installation, maintenance, and testing. We can also provide some courses to the end-user if needed.
  • Emergency support: If anything happens, CATE Power has a special phone line that you can call at anytime. Our technical expert will give you suggestions and help you to resolve your problem as soon as possible.
  • Special Services
    focus areas

    Special services can be provided on customers request under specific conditions or particular occasions.

  • Quality inspection.
  • Quarter operation analysis.
  • On-the-spot inspection.
  • Technology information.
  • Performance maintenance and check-up of spare parts.
  • Short-term intensive learning.