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    High Temperature Applications

    Many countries such as India or Pakistan have an average temperature of 30-35°C during hot season. Inside the telecom cabinet, the temperature is even higher and can go up to 50 °C. You may already know it, for every 10°C increase in temperature, the battery life will be cut by two.

    Due to the nature and construction of the lead acid battery, it cannot withstand that kind of environment, this is why telecom sites have to be equipped with air-conditioner.

    Not only does it increase your capital expenses (CAPEX) and operational expenditure (OPEX) by spending thousands of dollars per year and per site in maintenance & electricity fees, it will also increase the energy used and thus increase your CO2 emissions. Reduction of Energy Consumption and increase of Energy Efficiency is one of the most important keys for Telecom Operators.

    Battery Solutions

    Considering the above challenge, we developed a range type of battery adapted for these environments.

    XT Series for extremer temperature


    for High Temperature, Frequent Power Outage

    FAG Series for extremer temperatureTGF Series for extremer temperaturefor extremer temperature